Who We Are

With over 20 years of experience in B2B marketing, we ventured out to create the solutions we were seeking ourselves.

Our leadership team not only has the skills to win awards, but with extensive agency and client-side experience we also have a deep understanding of your challenges and a passion to solve them.

Jennifer Compton

Jennifer Compton CEO and founder

Jennifer has leveraged her breadth of experience to hone her expertise as a strategic communications advisor and brand builder. She advances the products, services, and SOV of her industry leading clients by developing successful media, executive branding, and go-to-market strategies.

Rob Henderson

Rob Henderson Partner

Rob values exceptional client service, end-user experience, and marrying technological innovation with creativity. He applies his extensive agency and EY client-side experience to develop and deliver marketing strategies that maximize ROI and improve his clients’ business.

Peter McKinley

Peter McKinley Americas Creative Director

As the former Global Brand Ambassador for Ernst & Young, Peter leverages his experience in the corporate sector to bring clients’ needs into visual expression. He marries his eye for experiential design with thoughtful strategy to ensure creativity is not superseded by effectiveness.

Christian Montalbano

Christian Montalbano Video Lead

With a diverse background in fine arts, music, and technology, Christian brings a holistic approach to video production and animation. Whether creating for Fortune 500 companies or nonprofits in Africa, he uses his award-winning skills to infuse engaging storytelling into every project.

George Middlebrooks

George Middlebrooks Website designer & developer

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, George has worked as a multi-disciplinary agency designer and consultant with a broad range of clients in the fields of healthcare, higher education, media, and financial services.

Eduardo Abril

Eduardo Abril EMEIA Creative Director

Eduardo is a very curious mind that enjoys analyzing information and business strategies to create visual experiences in different shapes and formats. A millennial graphic designer who evolved into a brand, marketing, communications and UX consultant for global brands. Although very digital, he likes interacting and learning from others in the real dimension too.

Jenny Hepworth

Jenny Hepworth Director of PR

Jenny has over 15 years of global public relations experience and specializes in executive visibility. She plans and executes strategic communications engagement activities for national and global executives across multiple industries, and determines how executives should best position themselves to their key stakeholders.

Bhagyaraja Swamy

Bhagyaraja Swamy Digital Marketing Lead

Bhagya leads digital campaign activation and management, providing strategic advice, resource fulfilment and project execution support. Bhagya enjoys traveling, following global economic and political developments, and solving puzzles.

Alex Martin

Alex Martin Senior Writer