Billion Dollar Roundtable

Thank you for visiting our BDR page – we are J&L, proud creative services sponsors of the Billion Dollar Roundtable 2023.

Our certified women owned B2B marketing and communications agency was excited to contribute to the BDR 2023 by providing:

  • Overarching creative theme and messaging
  • Key visuals and assets including the sponsorship prospectus and PowerPoint
  • Scripting
  • Social media strategy and content

If you are not already communicating about how your supplier diversity program is making a meaningful impact in historically underrepresented communities, we want to help. Partnering with a diverse marketing agency like J&L Communications can help you translate the good you do for diverse suppliers into a business imperative.
As a diverse supplier providing marketing services to CDW-we’ve helped them build a successful marketing campaign around their Business Diversity story to create awareness both internally and externally. Learn more about our work with CDW and our Propel program.

We understand the complexities of corporate environments, and our expertise in supplier diversity aligns seamlessly with your needs. Our team is well-versed in navigating the intricacies of supplier diversity programs, and fostering collaboration within your company, including your client-facing teams and senior leadership. We understand the message within needs to be strong before it resonates externally.

Ready to elevate your brand’s messaging, look and feel to embrace the true power of supplier diversity? Join forces with J&L Communications.

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